Management Message

The ENEOS Group mission is to contribute to the development of our communities and help ensure a vibrant future through creation and innovation in the business areas of energy, resources, and materials. In line with this mission and as part of our Long-Term Vision to 2040, we aim to achieve both a stable supply of energy and materials and the realization of a carbon-neutral society, while taking on the challenge of the energy transition from fossil fuels.

Right now, the business environment in which the ENEOS Group operates is experiencing great change, so it is essential that we respond to it with speed and flexibility. To accomplish this, we launched a new management structure in April 2024, comprising ENEOS Holdings and our six principal operating companies, with the aim of enhancing our management base. We aim to realize our Long-Term Vision and maximize corporate value by responding to change and further strengthening portfolio management.

The ENEOS Group will continue to evolve in line with our commitment of "Supporting ‘today's normal,’ taking the lead for ‘tomorrow's normal.’"

Representative Director, CEO
Miyata Tomohide