Group Companies

(As of October 1, 2020)

Principal Operating Companies

Main businesses* Name of company
Energy Business
Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production Business
Metals Business
  • The ENEOS Group renamed two reporting segments to better reflect actual business conditions. Accordingly, "Petroleum Refining and Marketing" was renamed "Energy", while "Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production" remained the same in English (i.e., only the Japanese name was changed). These were changes only to the names thereof; therefore, the segment information was not affected by these changes.

Common Functions / Independent Business Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Main businesses Name of company
Common Function (Information Systems) ENEOS SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.
NTT Data CCS Corporation
Real estate purchase, sale, leasing, and management ENEOS Real Estate Corporation
Research and Consulting, Management of Patents, Intellectual Properties
Office support ENEOS Office Services Corporation
Temporary staffing, recruitment, training, and office support ENEOS Career Support Corporation
Nonlife insurance ENEOS Insurance Service Corporation
Road paving, civil engineering and construction

Listed Subsidiaries & Affiliates

Main businesses Name of company
Production and sale of titanium metals and other products
Rail transportation of oil products
Production and sale of electric wires and cables
Land transportation

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the company is an equity-method affiliate.