Management Policies

ENEOS Group Basic Policy on the Use of Social Media

The ENEOS Group has established and shares the following basic policy for encouraging the appropriate use of social media based on the ENEOS Group Code of Conduct.

  • *In this basic policy, "social media" refers to media formed from the mutual exchange of information by specified or unspecified large numbers of participants using internet or Web technology; for example, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

When employees of the ENEOS Group use social media,

  1. 1.Employees shall fully understand the following characteristics of social media:
    1. -Transmitted information can be accessed by unspecified large numbers of users, and
    2. -Transmitted information is instantaneously dispersed and cannot be entirely deleted.
  2. 2.Compliance (adherence to laws and internal regulations) shall be thoroughly enforced, and intellectual property rights, privacy and other rights shall be respected.
  3. 3.Employees shall act with common sense and in good faith, keeping in mind that the transmission of information by any individual can have a considerable impact.
  4. 4.If an official social media account is opened and used for business purposes, rules for its operation shall be stipulated and efforts shall be made to build relationships of trust with customers.
For our customers and users of social media

The information transmitted by ENEOS Group employees on social media does not necessarily express the official announcements or views of ENEOS Group companies.
For official company information, please see the ENEOS Group company websites and press releases.

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