Human Resource Development

Basic Approach

The ENEOS Group believes that an important challenge in the achievement of our growth strategy in a rapidly changing business environment is the development of creative, innovative human resources who can take on challenges on a global scale. In accordance with this approach, we have set out basic principles on human resource development in the Group Code of Conduct and the Group Basic Policy on Human Resources Development, and we have established consistent systems for each phase of human resource development, including hiring, assignment, evaluation, promotion, and training.
In addition, each Group company pursues human resource development in accordance with its own business policies based on the Group Code of Conduct and the Group Basic Policy on Human Resources Development.

ENEOS Group Code of Conduct (excerpt)
  1. 12.Establishment of a healthy work environment
    1. (1) We strive to enable all personnel to carry out their business operations in the workplace with vigor, and to enable ourselves, our families and our colleagues to lead healthy and cultured lives by promoting health care and work-life balance.
    2. (2) We promote diversity in order to enable diverse individuals to maximize their abilities.
    3. (3) We strive to secure and maintain a pleasant work environment through interactive dialogue and ongoing communication.
    4. (4) We strive to train our people, and seek to enhance the abilities of ourselves and others.
    5. (5) We shall obtain the necessary confirmation and approval from the appropriate person(s) with authority before we commence any religious activity, political activity, or any similar activities during work.
ENEOS Group Basic Policy on Human Resources Development

We will continuously and systematically develop human resources to secure talent capable of tackling challenges globally with the spirit of creativity and innovation.
We will carefully develop employees with a strong awareness of the Group’s mission and our five core values, a strong sense of ethics and a willingness to take on challenges.

We will develop human resources who will help us enhance corporate value over the medium to long term in order to strengthen our management foundation.
We maintain various functions and roles based on the business format and organization of the company. Each of these is indispensable to the operations of the company, and we will promote appropriate development efforts to ensure that all employees can contribute to the organization by maximizing their capabilities.

We will establish systems for actively supporting employees looking to grow themselves by promoting diverse development and growth tailored to each employee’s aptitude.
We believe that supporting the growth of our diverse workforce will help to invigorate company organizations, thereby strengthening our competitiveness. We respect the individuality of each and every employee and support the self-led growth of employees tailored to their aptitude.


For information about our structure, see ESG Management Structure.

Material Issues, Plans and Results

Fiscal 2022 Targets, Results and Progress

Evaluation:Achieved/Steady progressNot achieved

Material ESG Issue Initiative Target (KPI) Results/Progress
Retaining and developing human resources Development of human resources capable of enhancing corporate value Implement effective training and evaluation based on the human resources development plan

  • Implemented various training programs
  • Evaluated the training content as appropriate and incorporated it into training starting the following fiscal year

Major Initiatives

Each Group company implements development programs in accordance with its own business policies based on the Group Code of Conduct and the Group Basic Policy on Human Resources Development.

Developing Management Resources

With an eye on the future direction of its companies, the ENEOS Group must work to more systematically and strategically develop management resources as the future leaders of the Group in order to respond to the rapid changes expected to take place in the management environment going forward.
ENEOS Holdings and its principal operating companies are working on the development of these management resources as a common challenge facing the Group. We will work together to identify, at an early stage, employees suitable for management positions and provide comprehensive training to draw out their full potential as future senior executives.

Main Human Resource Development Programs


Language and cross-cultural skills training

Training is held in Malaysia for employees with advanced English skills to acquire cross-cultural skills that will enable them to respond quickly in overseas business settings, with participants taking a break from work for about one month to participate.

Promotion of career opportunities for female employees

Female employees are selected to take part in off-site training in order to develop candidates for executive positions. Seminars are held to raise awareness among supervisors and an external mentorship program is offered to support the career development of female employees.

M&A training

Training for the development of human resources responsible for various projects, with a focus on M&A, in order to strengthen development of human resources capable of carrying out the company’s transformation (new businesses, overseas businesses, etc.)

Training Assignments at Venture Companies

We offer a program to dispatch internally selected employees on one-year training assignments to venture companies as a way to develop human resources who can powerfully advance new business creation through practical experience starting up venture businesses, which is not possible through their day-to-day work.

Trigger for the Future

This lecture program covers topics that align with the company’s future direction to provide opportunities for creative inspiration different from day-to-day business operations and training.

ENEOS Learning Platform

As part of our support for autonomous career development, we offer unlimited-use online learning services (Udemy business / Schoo for business / flier) for a certain period of time, on the condition that the user bears part of the cost.

360-degree feedback

We ask supervisors, as well as their peers and subordinates, to complete surveys about the supervisors’ behavioral characteristics as a way of helping them gain awareness that will lead to future career development. Survey results do not directly affect supervisor evaluation and treatment.

Evaluation feedback interviews and self-assessment interviews

Regular interviews are conducted with all regular employees to evaluate performance during the fiscal year and to share information about work issues and skill development opportunities in the next fiscal year. We have also established human resources systems to get an accurate understanding of employees’ ambitions for long-term career design and skill development. Regular interviews are held to give the company and supervisors a better understanding of employees’ wishes, helping to ensure optimal assignment, relocation, and development of employees (interviews held for all regular employees, who account for 90% of all employees).

JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration

Training by rank

Classification-leveled training and training to develop core resources are provided.

Career development interviews

Employees are interviewed at key points in their careers to enhance the effectiveness of career development over the medium to long term, matching employees’ own wishes and the needs of the company. Based on the results, the company offers support for every individual to take on new challenges in order to achieve their future vision for themselves.

Employee training programs

Six programs are offered throughout the year, mainly for young employees to educate them about E&P business technologies, contracts, and economic calculations. Training is led by in-house instructors using curricula developed by the company.

Project management training

We provide e-learning opportunities for project management, covering all aspects from the basics to practical application, to enable all employees to work autonomously utilizing their project management knowledge and skills.

JX Metals

Training by rank

Classification-leveled training and training to develop core resources are provided.

Overseas language training

All management-track employees in their second year at the company as well as other employees in need of language training are sent abroad to study foreign languages for one to three months.

  • Note:
  • In fiscal 2022, we resumed dispatching employees whose overseas language training had been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Career development interviews for young employees

Recognizing that human resources are the source of our organization’s strength, regular human resources and division interviews with young employees are conducted as an effort to ensure the systematic development of these employees and enhance their proposal-making capabilities.

Energizing individuals and organizations

Efforts are made to strengthen human resource management and development, as well as establish an environment in which diverse human resources can work with enthusiasm.

Training Hours in Fiscal 2022

  Total training hours Training hours per employee
ENEOS Holdings and ENEOS 31,243 3.5
JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration 4,245 12.1
JX Metals 31,515 14.2
Total 67,003 5.8
  • Note:
  • Number of hours of internal group training and external training organized by the human resources departments of ENEOS Holdings and the Group’s principal operating companies, aggregated for each employer.

Measures to Promote Dialogue

ENEOS engages in various dialogue initiatives to encourage interaction and discussion among different departments. In fiscal 2022, we held our In-house Career Forum, which aims to broaden participant understanding of each department through a question and answer session, online.

Global Business Skills Training

ENEOS administers the Global Business Skills Training program to foster human resources seeking to develop their careers internationally. The one-month program targets employees with advanced English skills. It aims to improve their language ability and strengthen cross-cultural communication skills. In fiscal 2022, we dispatched employees to Malaysia for training.
We encourage all employees who are university graduates to take TOEIC® every three years, and we offer several options for language training, including online training. Participants in the Global Business Skills Training program are also encouraged to continue their foreign language studies even after the program is over.

Development of Locally Hired Overseas Employees

ENEOS aims to boost the overseas expansion of its business operations by training locally hired overseas employees to become senior managers at its overseas sites.
To this end, the company conducts face-to-face group training for managers and team leaders hired locally overseas. In addition, the company has implemented an initiative in which locally hired human resources expected to play active roles at their respective overseas sites in the future are assigned to the ENEOS head office in Japan for several years to experience head office operations firsthand.
In fiscal 2022, group training was conducted online. Assignments to the head office were postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support for Employee Self-Development

The ENEOS Group has a self-development support system for employees with a desire to learn.

Voluntary Participation in Training

ENEOS Holdings offers various seminars and correspondence courses for employees of its principal operating companies and other Group companies. We provide seminars and online learning services that employees can select based on their individual needs in order to support their self-development.
From fiscal 2023, in addition to self-development support, we will switch to an open recruitment model, in which supervisor recommendations are not required for most of the external dispatch training programs and work skill improvement training. In this manner, we will expand our support for employees who wish to learn autonomously.

Self-Innovation Support

JX Metals has established a program in which employees can apply for and participate in external training programs of their choice, and upon completion, the company reimburses half the cost (to a maximum of 500,000 yen per program). Employees can select from a wide range of programs, motivating them more than before to take the initiative in their self-innovation.

Life Plan Seminar

ENEOS hosts a life plan seminar every year for employees to look back on their personal and career histories and focus on their future life plans in terms of finances and health. In fiscal 2022, 118 employees participated in the seminar.
In addition, to help employees prepare for life after mandatory retirement, we hold pension seminars to explain the pension system in general, including the corporate pension system, and key points for making preparations. We also host seminars on stocks, bonds, and investment trusts to explain basic knowledge about asset formation for a wide range of age groups.

Development of Digital (DX) Talent

For the establishment of a solid earnings base and the realization of energy transition, the Group will accelerate business transformation through digital transformation (DX) in the areas of base businesses, growth businesses, and carbon neutrality.
As a driving force to support these efforts, we will focus on the development of digital talent by enhancing the autonomous capabilities of employees and promoting the assignment of appropriate personnel to appropriate posts. In the third Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2023–FY2025), we have set a target to develop 2,000 advanced digital resources, which is approximately 20% of our total workforce.

In addition to the development measures for digital talent that were implemented during the second Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2020–FY2022), from fiscal 2023 ENEOS has introduced new level certification (four levels, from 1 to 4) and three types of digital resources. Through these efforts, we are visualizing the development status and strengthening DX implementation and practical skills.
By providing e-learning to all employees to enable them to acquire digital literacy, we aim to ensure that all personnel are digitally literate human resources (Level 1). In addition, as a measure to develop advanced digital resources (Levels 2 to 4), we have established three types: Business Designer1, DX Coordinator2, and Data Analyst3, and we are pursuing the development of human resources who will play a central role in DX by combining training and work experience for each type.
In the training conducted through fiscal 2022, we have trained approximately 3,500 digitally literate human resources and approximately 600 advanced digital resources, mainly Data Analysts. In the future, we will also focus on the areas of business design and project management to develop human resources with business execution capabilities.
In addition, the Digital Talent Development Council, which was newly established within the DX Promotion Committee (held quarterly), chaired by the CDO and comprising officers responsible for DX, discusses matters such as level certification and assignments to accelerate the development of digital talent.

  1. 1Consistently involved in and contributes to the planning of business transformation / business models, the launch and monetization of new businesses, and the overall promotion of DX.
  2. 2Engages those involved and builds appropriate cooperative relationships while ensuring the materialization of products, services, and measures, as well as quality, cost and delivery (QCD).
  3. 3Formulates hypotheses for business transformation and new business creation, and uses data to verify hypotheses and derive suggestions.