Basic Approach

The ENEOS Group believes that focusing on the health of our employees and their families results in a vibrant, productive workforce, bringing vitality to our organization. This in turn is the driving force for the achievement of our growth strategies and the source of our competitiveness. Accordingly, we have stipulated health enhancement as a standard in the Group Code of Conduct and are promoting health management to contribute to employees’ personal health management and improvement.

ENEOS Group Code of Conduct (excerpt)
  1. 4.Health enhancement
    1. (1)Health is the core element of our business continuity and development. We take active measures to maintain and enhance the mental and physical health of individuals employed by our group companies.
    2. (2)We endeavor to identify and evaluate health disorders related to our business activities and promote measures to reduce such risks. We also collect and provide information to external sources in order to ensure the sustainable development of occupational health.
ENEOS Group Health Declaration

The ENEOS Group’s mission is to contribute to the development of our communities and help to ensure a vibrant future through creation and innovation in energy, resources and materials. Health, safety and environment is one of our five core values in the ENEOS Group Philosophy.
We believe that focusing on the health of our employees and their families results in a vibrant, productive workforce, which is the source of our competitiveness, as well as the vitality of our organization, and is the driving force for the achievement of our growth strategies. Accordingly, we will actively promote health and productivity management, an initiative to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our valued employees.

Overview of Health and Productivity Management


For information about our structure, see ESG Management Structure.
Departments in charge of human resources at Group companies take on the role of promoting health enhancement measures. At our sites in Japan, meetings of health and safety committees or health committees are convened each month for discussions on health between the companies and labor unions or employee representatives.

Support Structure for Health and Productivity Management

Material Issues, Plans and Results

Fiscal 2022 Targets, Results and Progress

Evaluation:Achieved/Steady progressNot achieved

Material ESG Issue Initiative Target (KPI) Results/Progress
Ensuring safety / Health enhancement Ensuring health of employees Increase the cancer screening rate for employees (recommendations)
Achieve screening rate of 70% or higher for stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer

Achieved only for colorectal cancer
(cancer screening rate (recommendations): 69.8%)

Major Initiatives

Employee Health Management

In addition to providing regular health checkups for all of its employees, both in Japan and overseas, the ENEOS Group1 provides support for preventing lifestyle-related diseases and is also working to increase the cancer screening rate2 and prevent infectious diseases3. For employees assigned overseas and traveling for business, we offer vaccinations against epidemics and infectious diseases, in addition to building medical support systems. In accordance with the purpose of Japan’s Health Promotion Act, we are working to thoroughly eliminate the risks from passive smoking.
In fiscal 2022, we maintained a 100% participation rate in the regular health checkups. While the cancer screening rate of 69.8% fell slightly short of the annual target of 70%, it improved by 3.4 percentage points over the previous fiscal year. We continue to encourage employees to undergo medical examinations with the aim of further increasing the examination rate. Furthermore, for employees diagnosed with medical issues, we ensure follow-up care through efforts such as encouraging these employees to undergo further testing as needed.

  1. 1Data from ENEOS Holdings and principal operating companies
  2. 2Subsidies and fees for physical exams as part of regular health screenings
  3. 3COVID-19 vaccination at the workplace, influenza vaccination (subsidized through company health insurance), work exemption for measles vaccination, etc.
Setting New Health Management Indicators

We have set two new indicators for our health management targets for fiscal 2023: the percentage of employees with a healthy weight (body mass index (BMI)) and the percentage of employees who smoke cigarettes.
We use BMI as an indicator for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, which is the main measure for preventing all diseases. A BMI above 25 can more than double the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, such as dyslipidemia, diabetes and hypertension. We have set a target to maintain the percentage of employees with a healthy weight (BMI under 25) at 70% or more, and we are supporting their efforts by providing guidance on health issues following regular health checkups.
We use the percentage of employees who smoke cigarettes as an indicator for our ongoing efforts to thoroughly eliminate the risks from passive smoking. As smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and a risk factor for many other diseases, a company-wide ban on smoking will undoubtedly contribute to the enhancement of employee health. The ENEOS Group Health Insurance Association has also been implementing a smoking cessation support program since fiscal 2020; thus, we have determined that this is also a useful indicator in terms of cooperation with the association. We aim to reduce the number of smokers by at least 1.0% each year, ultimately reducing the smoking rate to 20% or less.

Mental Health Measures

To help prevent mental health issues, the Group makes effective use of a stress check system.
The system improves employee awareness of stress. For individual follow-up for those facing high levels of stress, we offer sessions with occupational physicians. Additional measures include systems for counseling with external counselors.
We also conduct group analysis within the organization and provide training, advice and assistance for improvements in high-stress work environments.
In fiscal 2022, we continued to provide individual consultation and feedback for the stress check results of managers, and conduct follow-up as needed through training or individual consultations with external counselors and the subsequent development of action plan sheets.

Health Measures for Employees Traveling and Working Overseas

To prevent illness in employees traveling and working overseas, the Group actively implements measures such as vaccinations for employees traveling to certain destinations as recommended on the website of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare’s Quarantine Information Office.
ENEOS has stockpiled supplies at its overseas sites, according to the same standards used at our sites in Japan, as a safety measure for infectious disease epidemics. Since fiscal 2021, we have conducted stress checks for employees working overseas as a first line of defense against mental health disorders and to encourage employees to be aware of their stress levels. Going forward, we will continue to conduct stress checks annually.
As a measure against malaria, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration has formulated standards for travel to malaria-prone regions. The standards state that the company will bear the cost of anti-malaria medication for employees traveling overseas under certain conditions, and take appropriate measures if an employee is infected. Additionally, in order to prevent physical and mental health issues caused by overwork of employees working overseas, employees whose monthly overtime hours exceed a certain threshold are required to submit a self-check sheet, and are then interviewed by an industrial physician or undergo a telephone health consultation as necessary.
JX Metals centrally manages the health information of expatriates through a health management support system, and actively encourages them to manage their health before, during, and after travel to their assigned destinations. Industrial physicians confirm the results of medical examinations and other information for accompanying family members before relocation, and support them so that they can continue to receive medical care in local areas as necessary.

Industrial Hygiene at Refineries and Other Production Sites

To prevent health hazards to workers at refineries and other production sites, the Group trains industrial hygienists for each site and carries out industrial hygiene activities.
At ENEOS, these activities include the implementation of measures against exposure to chemical substances and noise. In addition, the labor unions confirm our efforts to provide and maintain the equipment needed to ensure the health and safety of labor union members.
The JX Metals Group conducts work environment measurements and assessments and implements necessary improvements based on the results in order to prevent health hazards to workers, regardless of whether or not the worksite belongs to a contractor.

Measures Against Exposure to Chemical Substances

Employee testing for exposure to chemical substances using individual samplers

ENEOS conducts risk assessments using individual samplers to test for exposure to specific chemical substances that pose health risks in the work environments of refineries and other facilities. Based on the results of these assessments, we implement appropriate countermeasures to mitigate such risks as part of our efforts to prevent impacts on the health of employees.

Measures Against Exposure to Noise

Noise measurement

ENEOS is taking measures against exposure to occupational noise in its refineries, plants and other business sites to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
Comprehensive noise measurements are carried out in all areas of refineries and other business sites where production equipment is located to identify areas with noise levels of 85 decibels or higher and 95 decibels or higher, the reference values for preventing noise-induced hearing loss. Based on these measurements, we have developed workplace maps that indicate areas with high noise levels.
We have also established rules for all refineries whereby workers are required to wear appropriate ear protection, such as ear plugs or earmuffs, depending on noise levels. For areas with noise levels of 95 decibels or higher, we are implementing even more rigorous measures by requiring double protection using both ear plugs and earmuffs.

Health Indicators

Trends in Health Indicators of Principal Operating Companies

  Health indicators Fiscal 2020 Fiscal 2021 Fiscal 2022
1 Smoking rate 24.4% 22.8% 22.0%
2 Percentage of employees maintaining a healthy body weight (BMI under 25) 69.1% 70.3% 70.9%
3 Percentage of employees taking part in habitual exercise* 34.3% 37.7% 34.6%
4 Cancer screening rate Stomach cancer 61.2% 68.4% 68.7%
Colorectal cancer 69.3% 73.8% 78.0%
Cervical cancer 42.3% 37.6% 46.8%
Breast cancer 52.8% 46.4% 58.0%
5 Stress check rate 98.0% 95.3% 93.4%
6 Regular health checkup rate 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
  • Note:
  • Data from ENEOS Holdings and principal operating companies
  • *Habitual exercise is defined as exercising for at least 30 minutes at a time at least twice a week and continuing this for at least one year.

External Evaluation of Our Health Management

The Company and its principal operating companies participate in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Survey on Health and Productivity Management, which uses objective indicators to assess enterprises’ health enhancement initiatives. We have been certified for six consecutive years, since 2018, as a Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in recognition of our outstanding health and productivity management practices undertaken in collaboration with insurers.
The Company’s health management initiatives are introduced in external seminars and informational
magazines in order to promote the growth of health and productivity management.